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Web-based training - Online training software  E-Training - GX General-Purpose Wagon  (ET-B-GXX1)

Target Group
Driver / operator
Sales staff
Service staff
Trained machine type
General-Purpose Wagon GX 440 and 520

By participating in this training, the following qualifications are obtained:

Machine design (technical data, machine components, machine attachment)
Assistance systems
Dosing roller unit (drive line, shifting dosing rollers)
Unloading unit with conveyor belt (drive line, untensioning / tensioning the conveyor belt)
Operation (hardware, overview of operation / menu levels in the terminal)
Hydraulics (overview of components, adjusting the running gear on the tandem and tridem unit)
Electrics / system technology (component overview, overview of switches / sensors)
KRONE E-Trainings can be booked for you by the training coordinator of your KRONE service- and sales partner. To start the training you need to have your personalized account for the Training Portal (E-Training Log-in). If you are not yet in possession of your personal account, please contact your local KRONE service- and sales partner.
Please note that depending on the browser, different displays and functions may occur. If the E-Training cannot be started at all, the use of another internet browser (e.g. Google Chrome) is recommended.
120.00  minutes

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